Tips for getting a rib cage tattoo

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If you are planning of getting your body tattooed, then rib cage tattoo can be a good choice. Rib cage is one of the largest areas of your body, to get a tattoo. This portion is also ideal to get huge designs inked. For this tattoo you need to have a toned body.Since your rib cage area acts like a large canvas, it requires to have more than one sittings to get the tattooing done. But, before getting this tattooing done, you must know your tolerance level because rib cage portion is considered one of the most painful spots to be tattooed.

Here are some tips while going for a rib cage tattoo:

1- Bear the pain

You must be confident about your pain tolerance. The rib cage is a bony and sensitive area, made up of less tissues and fat. This fact makes it one of the most painful places to get inked.

2- Decide the location

Decide the exact place and direction for the tattoo. The rib cage offers ample space for tattooing. It will give you the choice to place a design either on the side of the body or covering the full space.

3- Search the design

Now, it is time to look for some rib cage tattoo designs.The design of a rib cage tattoo basically depends on the part of the rib cage you have decided for tattooing. Some popular designs include, flowers, and famous quotes and sayings in a stylish font.

4- Find a tattoo artist

Don’t be in a hurry to get your rib cage tattoo, from anyone. Getting a highly qualified tattoo artist is very important to work on the rib cage area. He/she must have done some work earlier also, in this particular portion. You should not be his or her first client.

5- Sit still

Be prepared to sit still under all the circumstances, while getting your tattoo. Avoid any type of movements. Even a slight movement of yours will lead the tattoo artist towards making mistakes with the design.

6- Keep breathing

Keep Breathing. A constant breathing will lessen your pain and prevent you from getting faint.

7- Take breaks

Take a break if you can not bear the pain continuously. Breaks at regular intervals make the process of tattooing easy and help you bear the severe pain.

8- Arrange sessions

Complete the process in sessions. Its not necessary to get the tattoo done in a single sitting , especially if it’s a large one.

Today, rib cage tattoo has become a fashion trend. They are the most painful tattoos. Many a time, pain depends on how large the tattoo is, on which part of the rib cage area it is done, how long you should sit for, etc. The larger the tattoo is, the more the pain you need to bear.

Though they are painful, rib cage tattoos look beautiful with complex shading, naturalistic shapes, and textures. A tattoo on your body is a matter of personal choice, but the important thing is to go for something that will define yourself and have some significance in your life.

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