Tattoos that read same from both sides

[box_dark]5 amazing tattoos that read the same from both sides


Tattoos have always been fun to get addicted to! A design, a sign, a words or just an alphabetical puzzle, whatever it be, tattoos have successfully grabbed on to a lot of attention. The most interesting ones however, are pallindromes and ambigrams. Pallindromes would spell and read exactly the same from both sides horizontally. Ambigrams on the other hand, would read the same when viewed from both sides, vertically. Here are five examples of such tattoos.


This is one example. It spells from both sides, like Mur – d – ruM. This is a pallindromic word. No matter how you look at it, it will spell and read the same, with the alphabet ‘D’ shared by the words ‘murd’ and ‘drum’.





This is another Pallindromic tattoo. The word does not have a meaning. It’s just ROB – BOR. So from any side you have a look, right or left, it would look the word ‘ROB’ and its mirror image. So technically, it is not a pallindrome. However, the depiction is such that it would look pallindromic to the onlookers.




3. Dream

Take a look at this tattoo. You will have to look at it upside down when you read it from the right. The calligraphy is such that it would look like ‘Dream’ when seen from both the sides, if the vertical factor is also considered.




4. Victoria

Yet another example of an Ambigram. Read it left to right, you will read Victoria. Read it right to left, and upside down, you will again find Victoria. Here, the cases of the alphabets have been manipulated in order to give it the feel of an ambigram.




5. Father

This will be better to understand, and is a really interesting one! Look at it upside down while reading it right to left. The fashion of inking is such that it is read exactly the same from both the sides!




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