Notre Dame Gets Tattooed on the Head Pics:

Several stories have often been shared about fans who have got a tattoo of the mascot or logo of their favorite team in college done on several parts of their bodies. Tattoos are no longer considered to be mere pieces of body art; they are now mostly seen as symbols of self-expression. Well, it seems that one man, a Notre Dame fan, took the statement too literally and had his expression tattooed on his “self”, more specifically his head.

“Moore” Ink Please!

The man in question, Tracey Moore believes that the tattoo which required more than nine painstaking hours to complete is totally worth both the pain and the effort in order to show his undivided support for his favourite team. The head tattoo which depicts the main golden dome building of the university of Notre Dame embodies the spirit of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Moore claims that the process was quite painful and he would not say that it did not hurt since it did…quite a lot.

The dedicated fan Moore said in an interview with ABC57 in Indiana that he prefers to keep his head shaved all the time and so it happened to be just the right place when it came to getting a tattoo of his favourite team.


Process of Etching the Tattoo

Tattoo artist, Brandon Hunt, said in a statement that he had previously worked on a lot of sketches before settling upon the design which was to become the final one. Hunt said that he began the process of brainstorming by viewing the actual Notre Dame building, ensuring that all of the intricate details were present in the design so that it would turn out to be just as distinctive as the Notre Dame building.

Moore stated that the experience has been very enriching. He has had pictures taken all over the area. The tattooed man casually joked that if he got money for every single picture he took, he would be rich.

The victory of Notre Dame over Oklahoma last Saturday might just have been the second most significant triumph of the Fighting Irish over the course of the weekend.

It is a good thing that Moore got the tattoo when the team still manages to remain undefeated. Let’s hope that Moore does not turn against the Irish team when they lose, since removing that thing from the back of his head isn’t going to be an easy feat.


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