Tattoos and theatre do not mix!

theatre tattoos
Go, gratify your skin with the colors of freedom, but remember, when it comes to theatre performances, you got to get rid of it, it’ll not be acceptable on the stage, especially in case of classics.

The artists have to make the makeup crew fire its ammunition to hide the ink, in case the costume fails to conceal it, doesn’t well how well it has been marked or how well you’ve nurtured it till now. Yes, it’s easy, a layer of liquid latex is enough to do the job. Even foundation powder can prove handy, but not always as sweat can wipe it off.

Jenn Banda, 37, a professional actor, sports four Egyptian tattoos on her back and says:

They’re a pain in the butt. I do so much classical theater, and because they’re all black, makeup doesn’t cover them up.

You can even be out of the game, so better don’t reveal to the director that you have tattoos and when you are an actress, your job becomes more difficult as you might be asked to show some skin on the stage and in that case you are left with no other choice.

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