Tattoo gun firing in sync with the machine gun in Baghdad

iraq tattoos Tattoos are no longer a taboo in Iraq. The smoke has yet not settled down and in the midst of terror, Iraqis are painting their dreams on their war torn bodies in hope of resurrection.

You’ll have to struggle to find out and get in the dark studio where tattoo artists, sitting on machine guns, whose barrel is cold but alive, attempt to get back the shimmer in the life of the young with their tattoo guns. Of course, you cannot practice body art in open in the midst of religious extremism. However, they are quite popular amongst the youth. Apparently, the inked U.S. soldiers trigger the trend.

Local freaks admit that they are not imbibing the pain just to ape the west, rather because of the underlying aestheticism that the art carries along with it.

It’s just a beginning; only time will tell whether the mullah will erode or add some sheen to the ink down here in the desert.

Thanks: Joshua Partlow

Image: washingtonpost


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