Mentawai: The tattooed village

In Mentawai, Indonesia, the art of tattooing is more than a phenomenon. The fact that practically everybody here is tattooed proves this. The decorative art is skin deep amongst the local tribes in its true sense and depicts social status and passion towards life.

According to researcher Ady Rosa, world’s oldest tattoo inking style and tools are found here. The tattoos are etched with a purpose, depicting their ethnicity, profession and skills. The materials used are extracted from nature. Tattooing is more than a ritual and artists use iron needles and traditionally sharpened flecks wood from the indigenous ‘karai’ tree or even fishbone, nails, sewing needle, lemon tree spikes.

Check out the Indonesian tattoos in its full sheen at the ‘Indonesian Tattoo and Piercing Expo 2006’ on November 18 and 19.

The Mentawai archipelago is a heaven for surfing too, so plan your colorful trip now.

Thanks: Ady Rosa

Images: Geocities, Benedictallen

Via: thejakartapost

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