Why tattoo lovers should not sit in sun for long periods?

If you are a tattoo lover and a person who loves to soak in the sun and get that beautiful tan over the skin then there is a disheartening news for you. Actually, tanning can cause significant harm to your tattoo. If we see it purely from the health perspective then we all know the fact that tanning is not a good thing for skin. Besides, it is even harder on the tattoos. Actually the ultraviolet rays of the sun are responsible for fading of tattoos.

Tattos and tanning

If you sit a lot in the sun then be assured that your tattoo will fade away soon and will begin to look dull. So, if you are really keen to maintain the beauty of your tattoos as it is then it should be in your best interest not to sit in the sun. But then it is easier said than done. Obviously, nothing feels better during those cold days to sit in the sun and soak the warmth. So what to do? Will you have to compromise with your tattoos? Well actually the answer is no. You can find a middle way. While doing so, your tattoo may not remain in a very good shape but it will not go dull either.

Simply use a sun block before stepping out in the sun. Pick a bottle of sunscreen with highest SPF and apply it regularly three four times a day. If you are going out for a vacation and intend to stay outdoors for long periods of time then make sure to reapply your sunscreen regularly. Besides, if you are not very much keen on getting a tan, then also make sure to either cover your tattoo or use sunscreen even when you go out to run errands or do other routinely things.

When you get a brand new tattoo on your skin do not use a sunscreen lotion at that time. Rather follow the aftercare instructions. Start using a sun block once your tattoo has finished peeling and the first protective layers comes up. A tattoo is usually totally heeled within 3 months.

If you intend to get the tanned effect through sunless tattoo lotions then it is a safer option so far as tattoo’s appearance is concerned. The tattoo will remain bright and colorful and still you can get the tanned look on your skin. Although it is quite possible that the lotion may change the colors of your tattoo slightly. If you want to avoid that effect then it will be best not to apply sunless tanning lotion on your tattoos.

It is very important for you to take care of your tattoo as you have invested your money and emotions in it. It’s not very tough, you just need to be a bit careful and you can manage to get both – the tattoo and the tan, with or without sun.

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