Tattoo Festivals – A Macro Culture

Macro Culture:

When a large number of people who may be a part of different backgrounds, fields or vocations come together for a common cause or idea, it is called a macro culture.  This can be better understood by knowing what are micro culture and macro culture and their differences.

A micro culture is when there is a sub culture of people belonging to a specific group, organization, profession or a community. When many people from different micro cultures or sub cultures come together in support of a different culture that brings these micro cultures together, this is called a macro culture.

Tattoo Festivals

Tattoo festivals or tattoo conventions are exhibitions or conventions for people who are interested in the art of tattooing to come together. These tattoo festivals started way back in the seventies.  Today there are Tattoo Festivals that take place all over the world. These festivals vary from being a day long festival to a few days depending on how big the festivals are. There is generally a sponsorship by local or international businesses for these events.


Tattoo festivals get people together from all walks of life. There are stalls of individual or groups of tattoo artists showcasing their talents. Generally there are different types of tattoo contests for the artists to participate in it. Nowadays these festivals include music, entertainment, tattoo artists, tattoo enthusiasts etc. In the field of tattooing there are different types of tattoos, out of these different examples of body art are showcased in these festivals.

Tattoo Festivals- a Macro Culture

Many people visit these festivals from different diverse backgrounds. Tattooing is not just some rebel culture or small subculture anymore but many people from different fields visit tattoo festivals or participate in it. These include tattoo artists, painters, performers, pinup models and just enthusiasts who like tattooing from all walks of life participate in tattoo festivals. It is not just one small section of society anymore. These tattoo festivals are gaining more and more popularity as people from various backgrounds and from micro cultures participate in it.


As we see that there are people participating in tattoo festivals from different micro cultures in society, the tattoo festivals are not just small micro cultures existing among a stereotypical set of individuals. It is a macro culture with people from various micro cultures coming together for a single culture of tattoo festivals which are now a macro culture phenomenon.

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