Know your tattoo: Birds and their meanings


The world is full of birds of different species and many birds have some symbolism associated with them. Birds symbolize freedom because they have got this natural ability to fly. They have always attracted humans and in ancient times, they were seen as a connection to the world which is beyond the planet earth. Bird tattoos are very common because birds instill positive feelings. Here is a list of some of the most common bird tattoos and their meanings:

1. Dove


Doves are very gentle in nature and this bird with a meek temperament is considered symbol of peace. Doves are found in different colors but the most famous color is white. The white color is associated with purity and calmness. In west, white color symbolizes innocence and virtue. Dove tattoos are liked by girls and many of them prefer to have simple and elegant tattoo. One of the most common dove tattoos shows this white bird flying with its wings spread open. Black color is used to add to the beauty of the dove tattoo.

2. Eagle


Eagle tattoo designs are one of the most popular bird tattoos among men. Eagle symbolizes strength and power. Eagle is regarded as the most powerful bird of the sky and it has always been admired for its majestic flight and raw power. The broad wings of this bird symbolize protection. The eagles possess sharp claws, which is used by this bird to warn its enemy. Eagles are without doubt the Queens of the sky and this is one of the main reasons behind their popularity.

3. Robins and Bluebirds

Robins and Bluebirds

The coming of the spring season is symbolized by Robins and bluebirds in several parts of the world. They also symbolize the renewal of the earth. These birds signal the arrival of fair weather after cold winter. During this season, bud grows into flower and Robins and bluebirds reappear at that time. These birds are very colorful and the arrival of these cute little birds signals the end of stark winter. Robins and bluebirds symbolize hopefulness, rebirth, renewal, positivism and optimism.

4. Owl


The Owl is a strong hunter and this bird goes on looking for its prey in night only. Humans and prey fear owl because this bird can fly without making any noise and has got the unique ability to see and hear things easily in dark. These unique abilities make owl a unique bird and it has been associated with several mysterious and magical things since ages. According to old fables, wizards and witches used to tame owls and they were their close confidante. Owl also symbolizes wisdom and experience. Most people prefer to get simple owl tattoo.

5. Swallow


Swallow is one of the most popular tattoo designs. The tradition of getting swallow tattoos dates back to ancient times when sailors used to get these done. This beautiful bird represents hope to come back. Swallow lives on lands and when sailors use to see them flying, they used to get the idea that they are near the shore. Though the original meaning of the swallow tattoo designs have lost their meaning these days but their popularity has increased in the last decade or so due to their beautiful shape and forked tail. This bird is very colorful and it has got pointed wings.

6. Hummingbird


Hummingbird is a small beautiful bird and the hummingbird tattoos are liked by millions of women across the globe. Hummingbird symbolizes freedom, intuition, and birth. Many women however, get the tattoos of this small bird in order to just enjoy wearing them on their body. The popularity for hummingbird tattoos has increased a lot in the last decade because many talented artists get inspired from these beautiful tattoos. Hummingbirds can fly in mid-air and have the ability to flap their wings rapidly.

7. Peacock, Rooster and Raven

Peacock, Rooster and Raven

Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds present on earth and they are symbolic of beauty and vanity. Rooster is symbolic of France and their posturing and strutting make them cocky. People living in North America and many western nations associate negativity with blackbirds, crows, and ravens because they are considered cunning, who are involved in manipulation. Many people believe that Ravens bring bad omens. In Arab nations and the UK, Raven symbolizes ill fortune. In Egypt, two crows symbolize loyalty and faithfulness.

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