Beginner’s guide to ear stretching

If you are dreaming of exuding a trendy look through ear stretching, the following tips can help you achieve your goal in a safe and pain-free way. While it is mandatory that you seek the services of a professional or piercing expert who can do the task adeptly at a good price, it is also important to know certain important things in advance so that you are saved from any discomfort or trouble.

Ear stretching

The first thing to do before going for ear stretching procedure is to get the ear piercing done. The stretching process should begin only after the initial wound from piercing has healed completely. Pain and damage can result if you proceed with stretching your ears before it has healed completely.

You can get a stretcher after a few months of undergoing ear piercing. It is advisable to know about the exact size of your piercing holes before buying a stretcher for your use. Stainless steel stretchers can be used by the first timers as these are less likely to cause infections. Preferably you can make use of stainless steel stretchers that starts at 1.6mm and measures around 2mm at its broadest end.

The process of ear stretching should proceed slowly and smoothly. You can soften the ear lobe by placing a moist, soft cloth to your ear during the ear stretching process which can also aid blood circulation. You can also make use of an antibacterial soap before stretching your ear lobe. You should be patient to see how well your body reacts to this procedure. It can take several months just to achieve a 6 mm gap. However, it pays to be patient and proceed with caution to prevent any eventual damage to the ear. You should avoid undergoing a hasty procedure as this can result in acute pain and inflammation. You should start the stretching process only after your ear has healed completely.

If you are planning to achieve a target of 8mm or more then you must know that you stand the risk of damaging your ears. Hence you should stick to a sensible target while going for ear stretching services. While stinging and inflammation are the normal effects following the ear stretching process, bleeding is abnormal and can be an indication of ear damage. If you suffer from bleeding, then you should stop the stretching process until your ears are completely healed.

You should take absolute care to maintain your ears in a clean condition during the ear stretching process. Discharge from the ears if any should be removed using an antibacterial soap and sufficient salt water. Many times it is seen that the stretcher gets stuck to the ear. To avoid this, turn the stretcher every once in a while. You should also ensure that your hands are absolutely germ free before handling the stretcher.

By following the aforesaid tips, you can stretch your ears in a safe way. If you are buying stretchers for the first time, then you can get inputs regarding the right size, material and brand of stretcher for your use from a skilled professional or expert.

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