Stunning nature-inspired body arts

A number of artists around the world have carved out a niche for themselves as leading body painting artists. Some of them in their efforts to pay tribute to Mother Nature have created mind-boggling body arts inspired by nature, and here are the best of them.

Perfect camouflage

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The way this camouflage body art depicts a woman, a frog, and a branch is simply surreal. The way the woman’ body is getting merged into the background, and the frog and the branch are merging in the woman’s body is impressive.

A dragon

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We all find dragons fascinating, as we have grown hearing and reading about these legendary creatures. A body painting artist who seems to be equally fascinated by this mythical creature has created this piece of body art. The hands are so beautifully painted that they appear as the face of a real dragon with its fiery eyes, the rough skin texture, and scales.

Desert and the sky

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Using human body as a canvas, a body art artist has created this astonishing piece of art depicting a desert and the sky. The small details including camels and the palm trees add to the beauty of this wonderful body painting.

The colorful frog

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It is only when you get closer to see that you find the colorful frog is an astonishing piece of body painting art. It took five painstakingly painted human bodies to form this colorful frog. 


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Seeing this we can only comment – “What a great job the artist has done.” One can hardly make out the difference while just glancing over the watermelons.


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Hats off to the artist who has created this stupendous piece of body art. Placed against a real wood stack, it is actually very hard to differentiate between the real and the fake wood.


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Chameleons are renowned as clever reptiles due to their skin color changing ability. The very talented artist, Johannes Stötter, inspired by this color changing creature created an incredible piece of body art. By painting the entire bodies of two naked models marvelously, he painted a colorful chameleon that is shown resting on a green branch. With the help of an assistant, it took him 6 hours to finish the body painting. To make the painting more lifelike, the artist worked on details, such as covering hair with natural clay to give them a bald look.


Nature keeps impressing and inspiring us every minute of the day. Few artists across the globe who take this inspiration a bit more seriously have come up with incredible body paintings that are thoroughly inspired by nature.

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