Most captivating 3D body paintings

The art of body painting is nothing new, but 3D body painting certainly is. It is not only more interesting than traditional body painting but more awe-inspiring as well. The reason behind is the 3D painting technique that makes paintings appear so real and surprising. Here we have got some of the best and the most captivating 3D body paintings for you.

The banana 3D painting

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Using 3D body painting technique, the hands have been creatively painted like bananas. With the yellow paint and the shadows, the painting appears real.

The fort

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This is a great example of brilliant 3D body painting, wherein human arms and hands have been painted to depict a grand fort. The colors have been used remarkably to form grass, window and watch towers.

A woman and the bench

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There are a plethora of 3D body paintings, but this one is simply surreal. It is a woman sitting on a bench, whose body completely resembles the color and pattern of the bench. Her legs in green color look exactly like the grass around the bench. The 3D technique has kind of made the woman’s body invisible by merging it so well with its surroundings.

The painting brush stand

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Painted to perfection, this 3D body painting has transformed human hands in a way that they look like a painting brush stand. All the fingers and the thumbs resemble colorful painting brushes kept on the stand.

The mysterious eye

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It is such a beautifully designed eye, with all the details including the eye color and the lashes painted to perfection. Painted on the lips, the painting creates desired effect when one smiles.

3D back painting

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Capable enough of making a many jaws drop, this 3D painting is ideal for women. They can get it done on their back and flaunt it while wearing a backless dress.

A man and a woman

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Get this amazing body painting done on yourself for amusing people around you. A creative amalgamation of a man and a woman, this body painting is ideal for both men and women.

3D optical illusion

This intricate 3D body painting design creates a mind-bending illusion. The spiraling patterns seem to create a hole in the man’s back.


Body painting is a superb art that has become all the more impressive and interesting with the advent of the 3D body painting technique. There are a number of 3D body paintings that can literally make your jaw drop.

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