Best 6 Game of Thrones Theme Tattoos

Several quotes, symbols, and scenes from the Game of Thrones series are ideal to have inscribed as tattoos for the tattoo fanatics. To cut down the chase for you, here is our pick of the 6 best GoT theme tattoos.

6 Best GoT Tattoo Designs

Hand of The King

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One of the popular symbols from GoT is ‘Hand of The King.’ The design is simplistic and amazing at the same time. You can have this tattoo on any body part.

Stark Shield
One of the most cherished items from GoT is the Stark Shield. You can get a monochrome or golden Stark Shield inscribed on your body to show your love for the Game of Thrones house. The original shield displayed in the TV series is shown to emboss “Winter is Coming” quote. It’s up to you to ask your tattoo artist to add the quote to the shield or leave it.

House Animals

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Every house mentioned in the GoT TV series has a specific symbol in the form of an animal with them. Thus, you can demonstrate love for your favorite house from the series by having the symbolical animal drawn on your body. If you aren’t able to decide which animal to choose, you can have all of them assembled into a single tattoo.

Syrio Forel Death Quote
One of the short-lived characters from Game of Thrones is Syrio Forel. Despite his brief appearance, his death quote is one of the most valued from the series. It is “There is only one god, and His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: not today.”

Tyrion Quotes

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No doubt that Tyrion Lannister is one of the most liked characters from the TV series. There are many great quotes of this character that can be used for a body tattoo. One of them is, “Once you’ve accepted your flaws no one can use them against you.” Lannister with his trademark grave face with a tattoo will look just great.

The Battle for the Seven Kingdoms
Full of floral patterns, dragons, and the kingdom symbols is the landscape demonstrating the battle for the seven kingdoms from GoT. The special thing about the tattoo is that you can have it full-detailed on your chest or back. Leave out some details from it and you can have it on your other body parts too. 


Before you head up to the tattoo artist to get your favorite GoT tattoo, double check your selection as it will be permanent.

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