Protecting new tattoo from sun

Tattoo After Care

So you’ve gone ahead and got yourself a delightful tattoo. You are excited – it means a lot to you, the design is just perfect, the colors look great against your skin, the whole thing works! However, have you heard that getting a tattoo usually means your sunbathing days are over? Especially least if you want to keep the ink as fresh as the first day you got it. While the rumors may be true, here are a few tips that will ensure getting a good tan, or even just soaking up some sun on a warm day would not take away the shine from your tattoo.

1. Use sun block creams or SPF

Tanning Salon

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are considered to cause damage to tattoo ink. Tanning salon might seem like a good alternative for tanning but a small mistake can spoil the game. Though usually the tan amount is in user’s control but a small folly in the process would not only result in bad tan but would also lead the tattoo to fade quickly. Precaution is the key word when it comes to protecting your tattoo. The best way to protect it is to find the correct sun block for your skin. Try and use something with a high SPF. If you love to tan, well, the best thing to do is apply the sunscreen thoroughly on your tattoos so that they don’t come in the between you and the effects of a luscious tan. The same can be followed by those who visit the tanning salon.

2. Keep your tattoo well covered

Fading Tattoo due to Sun Tan

On a regular day, a walk outside often leads to an unplanned tan – often, you jump into the pool and return only to find tan lines on your body. And how many times have we fussed over how parts unexposed to the sun look clean as compared to the tanned parts which tend to look some shades darker. Keeping the tattoo area protected by clothes is the best precaution. Keeping your tattoo well covered when you are outdoors is the easiest way to ensure that you don’t end up with a fast fading one. However, if you have it on a part of your body (perhaps your face, or your wrist) that you can’t but expose to the sun, well, the best thing to do is grab a bottle of sun block. High SPF may affect your skin in the long term, so even this is a temporary solution. So if covering it and sun blocks also fail, then your best solution is to keep in the shade for the maximum time possible.

3. New tattoos are at higher risk

Taking Apt Precautions

If you manage to take good care of your tattoo in the first few days after you got one, you may have survived the worst. Exposing your newly inked tattoo to sun or water is a strict no-no. Even sun block will not be able to help you there. Usually, a tattoo takes about 3 months to fully heal. Until then, it is best to keep the tattoo covered. When the tattoo has finished peeling, your skin will grow a protective layer, after which you are free to use sun block. It is also advised to use lotion so that you keep the skin soft and well maintained. For those looking to get a tattoo and are unsure of how to keep it fresh and beautiful for a long time, your best bet is to ask the artist – after all, no one knows the ink better than its master!

4. Consult tattoo artist for after care

Protecting your tattoo is much like protecting art – its value for you will only increase as the years go by. Remember to check with the artist often and take good care of your skin.

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