4 most popular tattoo removal methods

Tattoo Removal

An individual might choose tattoo removal for a wide variety of reasons. The reason can range from looking professional to pleasing a beloved or dissatisfaction with the design. The popularity of tattoo removal is on the rise as many people who spot a tattoo end up having a buyer’s remorse. Some studies indicate that more than half the people regret their tattoos to the point that they get it removed. It is important to note, though, that tattoo removal might be painful too. There are many ways to remove tattoos. Some of the most preferred options are compiled below.

1. Plastic surgery:

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Plastic surgery removes the tattoo for ever. The way it is removed through plastic surgery depends on the surgeon and patient. It would also depend on how large your tattoo is and where it is placed. There will be sores, bruises and other marks after the plastic surgery. It is probably the best choice when it comes to removing your tattoo, but one problem with getting a plastic surgery done is that it can be really expensive. Before getting it done, you should thoroughly inform yourselves about the pros and cons of going through the whole process. You can look for ways which are less intrusive when it comes to removing your tattoo, if you like it that way.

2. Fading creams:

Fading cream

Many believe that fading creams do not work. It is simply not true. Actually fading creams lighten the tattoo. It will take a few months of usage for the tattoo to go away. How long it will take would depend upon the characteristics of the tattoo. Certain inks go off very easily. Though it is more time consuming, it comes at a much cheaper price than other modes of tattoo removal. They are painless and would leave no marks. Make sure that you do not use creams which contain Hydroquinone as it can cause a skin disease called Exogenus Ochronosis. It can also cause cancer.

3. Laser removal:

Laser Removal

It is a widely used method to remove body tattoos. This uses beams of light to lighten the tattoo. It is highly expensive and can do great damage to your skin if you do it continuously. It is physically painful and not always expensive. If your skin is darker, it is not a good idea to use laser removal. The pain of doing a laser removal is often greater than getting the tattoo done. It is always better to have a thorough discussion with the doctor before going through a laser removal procedure.

4. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy:

IPL Macine

It is quite similar to laser removal, though it uses high-intensity light instead. It causes less pain and is said to be much better when it comes to effectiveness.The light is injected after using gel on the skin. However, it is quite expensive and hence is not a popular mode of tattoo removal. Many doctors do not rate Intense Pulsed Light Therapy really highly because of the cost one has to bear.

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