Temporary Body Art: Black Henna

Black Henna Tattoo

Natural henna is made by crushing the leaves of a shrub called Lawsonia Inermis. But Black Henna as against the popular belief is not the same as natural henna. In simple terms, black henna is a hair dye. Natural henna has nothing that causes skin reaction or irritation. People prefer black henna as they want their tattoo to look real. Black Henna is an option for those who do not want a permanent tattoo. Before you use any such things on your skin to make your tattoo look real, be sure of the composition of black henna and how safe it is?

1. Black Henna contains Paraphenylenediamine

Allergy due to Black Henna

Did you know that black henna is made up a chemical called paraphenylenediamine. The shorter form of this chemical is PPD. This chemical is used in hair dye which is why every hair dye pack contains instructions and a pre-application test before you use the dye on yourself. If a drop of hair dye falls on your skin, it takes about 2 weeks to fade away unless immediately removed. PPD is responsible for the long lasting stain. The person using black henna can suffer from severe allergic reactions, if PPD is not completely oxidized. This can also lead to burnt skin and permanent scar.

2. Natural Henna is a preferred alternative

Natural Henna Tattoo

You might not really be fond of the beautiful natural stain that natural henna leaves behind after its paste dries. Yet, it is considerably awesome. Natural henna is made of crushing leaves of a shrub and the powdered leaves are then converted into a paste for making a tattoo. At the max natural henna might contain eucalyptus oil just to darken the color of a henna tattoo. Eucalyptus oil might create mild skin irritation for people who have very sensitive skin, yet it is not as harmful as black henna. Henna is meant to leave an amazing natural temporary stain behind. A natural henna tattoo is supposed to b e appreciated for its natural beauty and color.

3. Go for a Permanent Tattoo instead

Permanent Tattoos

If you want your tattoo to look like a permanent tattoo, the advice is go for a permanent tattoo and not a black henna tattoo. Though it is best to use a natural product to avoid severe skin problems, and if you really want it to look like a real tattoo go for a permanent one. Choose a beautiful permanent tattoo design and get that done.

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