King Felix Hernandez adds neck tattoo to repertoire

One of the most anticipated players from Seattle Mariners Felix Hernandez sported an attractive tattoo on his neck.  Most of his fans believe that the ace player changes his look every five days but this time, he seems to have come up with something totally different.

Is the new look for upcoming season

People closely following Felix believe that the new looks is for the upcoming season in 2013. He was also quoted saying in an interview that he likes to experiment with looks. His past looks have been widely appreciated by his fans. This is clearly evident from the fact that the ace player from American league is one of the youngest player to receive an award with the league. Since the year 2010, Felix Hernandez has remained in spotlight due to his looks. The player has also won the hearts of his fans by providing them with some incredible baseball action.

king felix hernandez mariners cy young

The story of tattoo

The new tattoo is hosted on the right side of the neck which is clearly visible most times. the tattoo artist has used a new type of ink in crafting the tattoo. The new tattoo resembles a tribal Aries sighn on the neck of Felix Hernandez. Olmy Rosenstock, one of the most trusted tattoo artist amidst baseball payers is responsible for carrying out this job. Felix seems to be quite impressed with his work as he has only good things to say about Olmy. Many of his friends from the league have also tattooed themselves from this prolific artist. In a recent interview, Felix also mentioned that he was very much inspired by the tattoo detailing of Olmy and this was the main reason behind him getting tattooed. One can clearly see that Felix is quite impressed with the design. This is why he seems to be showing it off at parties and events.


Not the first one

This is not the first tattoo on the body of Felix Hernandez as this player also hosts his sons name tattooed on his body. The tattoo shows his sons name Jeremy on his left wrist.  The right wrist hosts the name of his daughter.  Felix has been known for his style statements and the tattoo reflects his passion for style. He is one of the few players in the baseball arena who have achieved so much in such a little time.  His passion for style and his game seems to be a never ending business.

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