Beckham getting a ‘rose’ for Victoria

beckham victoria

Love’s in the air! David Beckham just can’t get enough of her wife Victoria. He’s already zeroed in on a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. And that, of course, is yet another tattoo.

The former English captain has etched a black rose on his body as a gesture of love for his popstar wife. This is the twelfth tattoo of the LA Galaxy player. The rose has been planted on Beckham’s arm and is placed alongside the tattoo inspired by David’s favorite show Prison Break.

This isn’t the first tattoo that Beckham has had for his wife. He already has Victoria written in Hindi on his left forearm. It seems that after nearly nine years of marriage the pair is still going strong. These two are certainly defying the celebrity notion of quick marriages. That’s a rarity. And by the way the two will be celebrating their first Valentine’s apart since 1999.



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