Tattooing: A better way to introduce vaccines

tattoos may deliver vaccines
Tattooing has turned out in the medical field as a better way to introduce vaccines to the body. According to the German scientists who tested the procedure with mice, their study showed positive results since there was a significant response rate in the immune system of the subjects.

The scientists said tattoos can be an effective way of undergoing vaccination in human patients, particularly in some cases of cancer. Mere injection procedure in vaccination sometimes failed in rehabilitating the immune system of some patients.

The practice of tattooing has been widely prevalent since time immemorial. Tattoos has been a fad among creative people who would like their bodies to have designs with various pictures.

In this case, the vibrating tattoo needle, according to German researchers, is a good way to penetrate the vaccines under the skin instead of simple insoluble ink. Based on the study, there was a better absorption of vaccines in the mice’s muscle tissue and its viability is 16 times more in producing antibodies than a simple injection.

As more antibodies are produced, the immune system of the body is strengthened.

Dr. Martin Mueller, one of the researchers, said tattooing procedure may soon be used as a better immune system enhancer to help rehabilitate damages of the body systems. But in the case of measles in children, this is not advisable for this may be very painful. Certainly, tattooing is seen as a good help in treating some of the body ailments through vaccination. Because of this, people who hate tattoos will soon appreciate it more due to medical benefits.

Source: BBC News

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