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Arun Alva the owner of Al’s Tattoo n Body Piercing Studio in Mumbai recently visited Naturals Beauty Parlour, Spencer Plaza, Chennai. Many celebrities like Sushmita Sen, Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Deol, Rakhi Sawant are inked in his colors and he has made temporary tattoos for the movies like “Gangster” and forthcoming film “Hitlist”.sushmita sen tattoo by arun alva 49
“I remember Rakhi Sawant coming in to get one done and ended up with four. Later she dragged in her friends and even paid for them,” says Arun.

Arun believes, “the tattoo may outlive the passion” and people love to ink the names of their beloved ones like celebrities (Angelina Jolie, David Beckham and many more) ‘… I recommend inking the name in a language no one easily understands,” his motto is to ‘see to it that my clients understand the design, especially those who will have it on permanently.”

During his stay in Chennai he tattooed few youngsters permanently (Rs. 10,000-20,000) and temporary (Rs. 200 and above). If you have missed a chance to ink yourself from this great tattoo artist then you can wait for Arun and ink yourself next month, as he will visit or send his staff once a month from Mumbai to the Naturals Beauty Parlour. All you need to do is call on 45514050 for appointments.

Arun gives one tip, “To hide a scar or an old tattoo, try the celtic symbols.”

Source: The Hindu

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