2006: Tattoo Blog’s Top 20 Biggest Posts

1. This Mistfits Tattoo Will Put All Other Tattoos to Shame!

I thought it to be a product of Photoshop but astoundingly it was not. The tattoo is a reality show on the face of Frank at Derm FX Tattoo in Montreal…. (read more)

2. New F-2 Tattoo Ink Can Be Easily Removed with Laser

Tattoo can be removed with laser but it is an expensive and time-consuming process. However, the maker of NEW FREEDOM-2 LLC (F-2) claim that the ink can be removed very easily in one sitting which costs around $ 1000…(read more)

3. Tattoo Artist Profile: Larry Brogan

Larry Brogan is a multi award-winning tattoo artist who has been working in this field since fourteen years. He has operated the Tattoo City-Skin Art Studio in Lockport, Illinois since 1994… (Read more)

4. Tattoos Make Skin Less Sensitive to Touch… Says Allen
A recent research by Todd Allen at the University of Northern Colorado, in Greeley, US, which proves tattoos make skin less sensitive to touch…(detail)

5. Richie’s Invisible Visible Tattoo

These are tattoos, which are vice-versa to other normal tattoos. These are permanent black light tattoos by Richie, an artist in Canon City… (read)

6. Ugly Tattos But Not The Ugliest One

These are some of the ugly tattoos…(check out)

7. Women Competing Men In The Race Of Inking

Women are no less than men in the market of tattoos, as they makes 50% of it. A recent Harris Poll dating to 2003 showed more than 40 million Americans have at least one tattoo, and women are getting inked at the same rate as men… (read more)

8. Nadia- A Six Year Old Tattoo Artist

Spirytus got his knee tattooed by his six-year-old daughter Nadia, on his 29th birthday. It is not for the first time that Nadia has inked her father but earlier when she was of four years,…(read)

9. Guns N’ Tattoos
Yes, you have to believe this; the first three pics belong to a single dude and why not, when it ignites the gunpowder buried deep inside you… (more)

10. Tattooed Iran Uncovered: Embellishing Colors of Freedom Under Slavery!

Perhaps, the gulf has tasted the needle and learnt to appreciate the indelible ink and imbibe the pain at last. First, it was the smeared bunkers in Iraq, but we were quite unaware that the tattoo saga is building up in its neighbor too… (read more)

11. Star Wars Tattoos: The Indelible Saga

Shane Turgeon’s Tattoos And Toys is back with awesome new tattoos, a new tattoo search engine and a refurbished forum for all those marked with Star Wars characters, Transformers and other toys and comic characters… (more)

12. Full Sleeve Tattoos All the Rage

Full sleeve tattooed women are ravaging…(more)

13. Tattooed ‘guinea’ Pigs!
Since long tattoo artists are etching their skills on human skin, however, Belgian artist Wim Delyove is on a different mission. Wim is tattooing pigs since 1990s in his ‘Art Farm’ in China… (read more)

14.Tattooed Mummy Unearthed in Peru
Now, this is what we call ‘tattooed for life’. The female mummy with tattoos dating way back to 450AD unearthed by archaeologists in El Brujo, Peru… (more)

15.Interview with the Tattoo Master – Roni Zulu

Roni Zulu, the man behind Zulu Tattoo doesn’t need any introduction. Voted as Best Tattoo Artist by LA Weekly and leaving his sacred marks on Janet Jackson, Queen Latifah, Debra Wilson, and many more,… (read more)

16. Marathon Tattoo Etched into Guinness Book

Tattoo artist Paul Blackhall has created a kind of world record for etching Glen Keizer for 42 hours and 10 minutes… (read)

17. Why Are Lower Back Tattoos So Popular?

Nothing can beat the charm of lower back tattoo designs, owing not only to the eroticism related with it but also the feminine force it depicts… (read)

18. Garnish Yourself with Ganesha Tattoos

In Hindu mythology, Ganesha or the ‘lord of the hosts,’ is one of the most celebrated and respected representations of God… (read)

19. Would You Like to Corrupt Your Skin and Soul with a Plagiarized Tattoo?

Dead Men…Tell No Tales! This is what the skull and dagger tattoo reads on rock-n-roll pin-up queen Amina Munster’s chest, and don’t you dare to copy it on your skin without her permission as it’s copyrighted… (read more)

20. Give Yourself a Fresh Natural Look with Eyebrow Tattoos

Now this is the enigma of tattoos, with their diverse hidden unlocked meanings they hold different charm for everybody. Take cosmetic eyebrow tattooing… (more)

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