7 Safe tattoo removal methods

Tattoo removal methods

You might want to remove your body art or ‘tats’ for some reason or the other. There are several ways to remove your tattoo but not all would be suit the skin and the pocket together. Tattoo removal might leave scars on the skin or might agitate the skin. Therefore, before you head for tattoo removal, it is advisable to check for safe methods and know all about it. We have put together, a laist of safe tattoo removal methods.

1. Body make-up

In this method a water-resistant body make-up is used to cover or hide your tattoo This is more or less like a face foundation, but thicker and opaque than the normal one. You should select the closest shade which suits your skin tone. You can pat setting powders or use some sprays which help to hide the make-up as well as cover your tattoo. Tattoos which are done with black and blue are easily removed while the green and yellow inks pose a big challenge for the dermatologist.

2. Laser method

In the laser treatment, laser beam is passed through the tattoo. The heat of which breaks the tattoo ink into tiny fragments. These particles are absorbed by the body and removed naturally. Multiple colored tattoos need many sittings and different wavelengths of laser are used. Swelling, bleeding and blisters on the skin are normal after effects of the laser removal. Some people may develop allergy because of the ink reaction. Old tattoos may leave a residue of colors. Laser treatment needs many sittings spread over 6 to 8 weeks, since wounds should be allowed to heal.

3. Derma abrasion method

Dermatologist uses sand to peel off the top layer of the tattooed skin. An abrasive brush or wheel which revolves fast is used to leech the ink out. The extra ink is absorbed by the body. To cure the sore and irritated skin, the doctor prescribes medication.

4. Surgery

Surgery is used to remove small tattoos. It is done with local anesthesia. The dermatologist cuts out the tattoo and sews the skin back. To enable faster healing, an antibacterial medicine is prescribed. By this method the tattoo is completely removed but larger tattoos cannot be removed by this. If a large tattoo is to be removed by this procedure, skin grafting should be done. Thus, this method becomes painful and healing is delayed.

5. Plastic surgery

It is an amazing way of Tattoo removal. However, there are some pros and cons in this method also. The first one is the cost. Also many insurance company don’t support this method because it is considered as cosmetic surgery. This method is not free from the side effects like swelling, bruising and soreness of the skin. But all these disappear after the complete healing.

6. Camouflage method

A skilled tattooist uses this method to make an old tattoo invisible. Instead of removing the old tattoo, it is overdone with a new design using the same skin color to make it look less visible.

7. Other alternate methods

There are other alternate methods like ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ which makes the tattoo fade away. For brightly colored tattoo, this is suitable and after several sittings, your tattoo will be successfully removed.

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