4 Easy makeup steps to hide a tattoo

Make up tips to hide tattoos

Tattoo becomes a permanent feature of your body. No matter how much you love flaunting your prized possession i.e your tattoo, there would be times when you would curse yourself for getting it done and feel the need to hide it. Getting your tattoo removed through laser technique could be a costly and risky affair. There is a temporary solution to your problem. The easy way to accomplish the desired result is through make-up. Moreover, it is not too time-consuming or cumbersome and involves minimal cost.

However, be sure of the products that you use. Products that you use should be purposely designed to cover up tattoos. This kind of make up is often called as “ Stage” make up. Follow the following simple 3 steps to effectively cover up your tattoo:

Step 1

Begin the cover-up process on a clean slate. In other words, wash the tattooed area thoroughly before you attempt to camouflage it. The area should be free of dirt and grime and also it should not be greasy or else you would goof up later. After washing, gently pat it with a towel and let it dry completely before you move on to the next step.

Step 2

Just like you wear a concealer beneath the foundation when you apply make-up onto your face, do the same here as well. Make sure, the concealer you are about to use perfectly matches your skin tone. The best way to figure out which color blends flawlessly with your skin tone is to test the makeup on the back of your hand.

Once you are sure about the shade, apply the concealer to the area that you are inclined to cover. Take some concealer onto a cotton ball or a sponge and gently spread all over the area in a circular motion. Use enough to cover the whole area religiously so that a perfect base for foundation is created. Don’t be afraid if you notice your tattoo still being visible after applying the concealer. It is just a beginning. Wait for a couple of minutes before moving onto the next step so that the concealer is perfectly settled in.

Step 3

Just like the concealer, getting the correct shade of foundation is crucial as well to get that immaculate make-up. Once you are sure about the shade of foundation that perfectly blends with your skin tone, get some of it over a new cotton ball and cover the whole area amply. Do not smear the foundation or else it would erode the concealer base.

Idea is to gently dab the foundation over the area that needs to be covered. Continue to dab and gently blend at the same time. Cover the whole tattoo evenly. Wait for at least 30 seconds before you move on to the next step.

Step 4

Once foundation is set and dry, cover the whole area with some compact powder or loose powder. Dab setting powder over the entire area where foundation has been applied. Use a sponge to get best results. After waiting for a minute, lightly dab a tissue so that any excess powder is removed.

By the end of this step, your tattoo has become incognito. It has been covered completely and only you know about its presence.

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