10 Fantastic upper back tattoos

Upper back tattoos have always been fashionable for both men and women because they accentuate the back and simply make it look great. In women, upper back tattoos put the accent on their curvy features. When they wear a backless dress, their overall back along with the tattoo becomes visually prominent. Although angels and wings are popular choices for upper back tattoo, but many other fantastic tattoo ideas will make your upper back look simply awesome. So, here is a list of 10 great tattoo designs best suited for the upper back area in both men and women:

  • Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix is a mythical bird, which symbolizes rebirth. This is a flying grey phoenix with a feathery tail and its appearance is similar to a mystic rat with large wings.


  • Flower and butterfly tattoo

Most suitable for women, this is a lovely combination of butterfly and flowers. Designed in a swirling fashion with small colorful flowers on both sides of the beautiful butterfly, the result is a very cute and feminine tattoo.

  • Angels and spiritual symbols

Angels and other spiritual symbols are always the most common choice for upper back tattoos. However, if you wish to make your upper back look stunning, what you can do I combine the angel with two sacred spiritual symbols. The faceless angel in a sitting position in between the two sacred symbols derived from ancient religious mythology could deliver a spiritually inspiring effect to the tattoo.

  • Heart and wings tattoo

The long and feathery wings in a falling down position are drawn on both sides of a heart and cover almost the entire upper half portion of the back. In order to render a more splendid effect, letters could be entwined across the heart and scrolled down in between the wings.


  • Lettering

Beautiful quotes or one-liner written in a very stylish font is another popular choice for upper back tattoos. Most people choose meaningful letterings in foreign script for a tattoo.

  • Bird and a cross

Adorning you upper back with a picture of a colorful flying swallow carrying a rosary with a cross is also a fabulous idea.


  • Skull with horns

This gothic art of a big skull with huge horns is very popular among men as it covers almost your entire upper back and renders a chilling effect.

  • A pair of flying horses

A pair of beautiful flying horses with large open wings can also represent your beloved parents.

  • Little swallow birds

A pair of two small and extremely cute swallows drawn facing each other with impressive shade work and combined with lettering is another cool idea.


  • Snowy owl

This spectacular tattoo depicts a flying snowy owl done with amazing details. It is suitable for both men and women.

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