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Meet Tattoo Masters at Lenggries Convention

lenggries tattoo conventionMeet Tattoo Masters at the Masters Of Tattoo Convention, Lenggries, Germany on December 2nd – 4th 2005. The convention is presented by Michael Lorbe. It is the first tattoo convention in the Bavarian upper country. Participate and show your ink in contests featuring: Best of the days, Best of Big, Weirdest Tattoo, Best Tattooed Women, Best Black and Gray, Best Color and Best Tribal.

Bands like NOOPINION, LUNCHBOX and NEGATIVE ONE will rock the party.

Tattoo artists Chris Tattoo, Shit for Life, Skull Tattoo, Black Dragon, Tattoo Tomas, Lorber Tattoo, Starfire Tattoo and many more will mark their skills at the convention.

Be There!!!

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