Catman: The tattooed stalking cat


Psychologists call it body dysmorphic disorder, which affects one’s perception of personal appearance to the point of obsession. But I’ll call it possession; of a true love of nature, wilderness, life and tattoos.

Dennis Abner, San Diego, California is on his way to morph himself into a tiger. Inspired by a dream telling him to “follow the ways of the tiger” the stalking cat has never looked back after the age of 23.

First he tattooed his eyes, to give them the real big cat’s look. He’s spent over $150,000, 2,000 hours and almost 25 years undergoing incredible modifications to attain his dream of becoming a real tiger.

He’s officially changed his name to ‘Catman’. With a modified upper lip, tiger teeth caps, green contact lenses, the Catman has aroused the real animal within him. The rest of the job is done by his clipped ears, a dozen six-inch long fiberglass whiskers permanently implanted in his face, and his whole body tattooed in stripes.

Bravo Catman! Who says tigers are endangered species?

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