Worst tattoos of all time

Tattoos are forever. Perhaps this is the policy these people forgot while they got the worst tattoos of all times inked to their body. Find out the worst tattoos of all time ranging from funny to creepy and gross to just plain stupid.


Worst tattoos of all time



  • Two pairs of eyes – We do not know what this guy was thinking when he got a pair of eyes in blue done on top of his real eyes. And they seem like real eyes, only creepy-looking and kind of scary looking back at you, when the person has closed his eyes that is. Was this to get a few laughs at a drunken party ? OR the result of a drunken party or night out?


  • Wide –eyed anime eyes – This girl likes anime so much and simply digs all those cutesy girls with adorable eyes. So what creepier way to express your love other than by getting super big and creepy anime eyes tattooed on top of your real eyes right? Plain stupid, we would say and not at all cute.


  • Buddha on my belly –  Rubbing on a laughing Buddha’s belly is supposed to bring you good luck, wealth and prosperity. So this really smart guy with a belly himself chose to take destiny in his hands and carry his luck and Buddha around by tattooing a laughing Buddha on his belly. Now his belly and the Buddha’s are one and the same, center of two concentric circles. Now his luck follows him wherever he goes.


  • Unzip my eyes – Whoever said that a woman’s greatest asset are her eyes certainly managed to not reach her when she got this amazingly ugly tattoo done, on her face. Zips in silver and red tattooed all the way down from her eyes to the cheeks, a definite turn off . And the work of art is just plain ugly.


  • Skull-face – Perhaps the worse tattoo decisions anyone can make is to get a tattoo on their faces. The worst is when they tattoo their entire face, and to top it all, the tattoo is of a skull. And wait, there are piercings on the face as well to make some way for jewellery to adorn that skull.We do not know how this guy lives with himself waking up to a face that is tattooed to look exactly like a skull. The upside is, nice artwork.

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