Bad places on your body to get a tattoo

Tattoos are permanent and can be a painful experience depending on the body part you are getting it etched on. These are some of the worst areas on your body you can get a tattoo on.


Bad places on your body to get a tattoo


  • Face – You will find a lot of people who will agree to this. The general idea is a tattoo should mean something close to your heart. Getting a tattoo on your face is just plain attention-seeking. You will not even find tattoo parlors who do this sometimes.  Technically speaking, faces are not good areas to get a tattoo done because of the skin. So what you are left with is a tattoo that you can never conceal or hide in case you have to go for an interview at a decent place or a tattoo of substandard quality and design because of all the technical difficulties.


  • Back door – Apart from the gross factor, it is surprising that people would even want to get a tattoo done and find people to do it for them. The other most important factor would be to endure the excruciating pain of getting a tattoo done on one of the most sensitive and soft parts of your body. Tattoos need good care and hygiene when they are new and fresh  thus increasing the ideas of an infection if not taken good care of. And you have to keep it away from water and moisturize it and all. So for the first few days, how exactly would you go about staying away from water for your back door? The only upside is, it will be hidden when you go for an interview.


  • Upper chest – Unless you wear turtlenecks for the rest of your life, a tattoo on your upper chest is a bad idea. Chests are beautiful, be they of men or women. Why take away the attention from a beautiful chest and make way for a tattoo that you will not be able to conceal? To top it, people will always be distracted when they speak to you. They will most likely be staring at your chest rather than at your face while you speak. And not all of them are perverts.


  • Hands – Getting a tattoo on your hands can be very painful because the skin on it is not very thick. Also it is very hard to conceal the tattoo which you might need to do time and again.

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