Tori’s bum too sacred for Dean to be tattooed!

tori bum
Dean McDermott not only rules over his own skin but on his fly actress Tori Spelling’s too. Recently they’re planning to get inked together just before the Valentine’s Day, and now Dean after marking himself with “Truly Madly Deeply Tori” on his wrist and a picture of hers on his bicep refuses to let the actress get a tattoo.

But Spelling is desperate to get one. She says:

I was going to put his name right above my bottom, but he said it took away from it. He’s like, ‘No you can’t mark it up there. That’s sacred skin!’ So I’m looking for another area.

Truly, Tori will have to look for another area to gratify her truly-madly-deeply love’s whims.

Via: contactmusic

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