Cher Tattoos are Marks of rebellion

cherCher is rebellion personified. She does what she wants and in an effort to suit her different embodiments she’s morphed herself over the decades mesmerizing her fans. And when it comes to body art, she’s not left any stone unturned to make an explosive mark.

The singer and actress modified her nose through plastic surgery and in fact, was the first glam girl to set the body art tempo by tattooing herself in the modern era. She is famous for her bum floral tattoos inked by Bob Roberts of Sunset Tattoo in Los Angeles in 1972. She made it sure to expose these colors of freedom during her 80s concert by wearing revealing outfits.

Her left upper arm sports a flowing necklace comprising an Egyptian ankh, a cross and a heart, tattooed by Jill Jordan, another Los Angeles tattoo artist. The less conspicuous tattoos include a kanji on her right shoulder, a small cluster of Art Deco-like crystals on her inner right arm, a black orchid design just above the crease of her right thigh and a chrysanthemum on her left ankle.

But sadly, she’s getting these beautiful marks removed…don’t know why.

Via: bellaonline

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