The worst NBA tattoos in the history of the game

With tattoos becoming increasingly easy (and fashionable) ways to express oneself, it does not come as a surprise to note that nearly every other individual out there sports some kind of tattoo or the other these days.

The trend (‘craze’ would be a better word) seems to have caught up with sporting athletes as well, including plenty of prominent NBA players, some of whom have been spotted with rather unconventional designs.

The beauty of a tattoo lies in its design and the way it expresses the wearer’s thoughts. However, we have no idea what these NBA athletes had in mind when they decided to get their bodies inked. One look at these bizarre tattoos will be enough to give you second thoughts about visiting a tattoo parlor ever again.

Panther Tattoo: Deron Williams

The first rule of a tattoo is a clear design which the artist who inked Williams apparently failed to understand. What else could explain the dark blob on Williams arm? Revealed to be a panther (that’s what Williams keeps telling everybody), the tattoo does not even remotely resemble one and can be easily mistaken for a giant sized rat.

And that’s what it looks like up close. Move a bit further away and all you can see is a big mess, screaming for attention for all the wrong reasons! Clearly one of the worst tattoos ever in the history of the NBA!


World of Warcraft Tattoo:Andrei Kirilenkos

Alright! Some tattoos are pleasant to look at. And then there are some that look downright ghastly. The extremely descriptive tattoo on Kirilenkos’ back easily falls into the second category.

For starters, it is extremely creepy to look at. And even though we are huge fans of the game, we don’t quite want to see someone with a tattoo that looks like his skin and flesh have been ripped out (that’s what it actually looks like).

Family Tree Tattoo: Mike Bibby

The hardest tattoos are the ones that resemble human portraits. And though we love Bibby for being quite the family guy, we wish he could have shown his love for his family in a different way.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea as such. The only problem lies in the artist Bibby chose to get the job done. Apparently, the artist was a novice and ended up creating the best resemblances to Bibby’s family members he could possibly can. Sadly, that was not enough and Bibby ended up with a bunch of odd looking faces on his back, none of which resemble his family members even remotely.


SWISH Tattoo: J.R. Smiths

If you want to get your body tattooed, choose a part of your body that is visible to others. Certain areas of the body would hide the tattoo unless you take extra efforts to show it out, like Smith does whenever he wants someone to spot the tattoo on his neck.

In addition to the awkward position which forces Smith to crane his neck upwards whenever he wants someone to spot the ‘SWISH’ on his neck, the dull colors of the tattoo do little to highlight its design. Worse, the rest of Smith’s neck looks like a scribbling pad, with his goatee looking like a part of the haphazard design.

‘No Words to Explain’ Tattoo: Reggie Miller

A little word of advice to Reggie Miller! The next time you decide to get inked, choose a professional artist. And please avoid certain places of the body which would make us cringe at the very thought of even trying to spot your tattoo.

So what’s wrong with this tattoo on Miller’s abdomen? For starters, it’s oddly placed and would never come out into the light unless Miller takes his shirt off. And then, there’s the design which is truly cringe worthy.

Definitely NOT done by a pro, the design looks more like a hair growth that suddenly sprouted around Miller’s navel. Worse yet, it looks like some kind of fungal infection at certain angles and would definitely have people turning their heads away in disgust if they happen to see Miller prancing about without a shirt.

Grateful Dead Tattoo: Luke Walton

There’s nothing even remotely grateful about this tattoo which Walton sports on his right arm. Looking like some haphazard stick figurines marching around aimlessly, the tattoo is extremely amateurish and does nothing to justify the significance of the phrase ‘Grateful Dead’. Wonder what Walton was thinking when he went for this one?

Sacramento Kings v Miami Heat

Full Body Tattoo: Chris Andersen

We can understand if you are obsessed with tattoos. But Chris Andersen has taken this obsession to a whole new level by having his entire body (at least the parts that are exposed) inked with god knows how many designs and colors. The only saving grace of this design happens to be Andersen’s face which has been mercifully left out of this horrendous massacre.

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