The new form of body modification – Scarification

Body modification goes back a very long time. While initially, there was a reason and significance when people used to modify their body, today it has become a hobby or a style statement. Every year we see a variety of body modifications that really astounds us. One of the latest craze in body modification is scarification.

So what is scarification?

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In this new form of body modification, custom designs are detailed into the skin making it look like a scar. The process of cutting is very different from what you would find if somebody tries to harm themselves. With the use hot surgical scalpels, which are sterilized, the design is embedded into the skin in form of the scar. Lines are sliced in such a manner that the scars created are thin. Due to this, you may find the design having an inconsistent texture.

Another way the design is embedded into the skin is very similar to what is used on animals or livestock. In this form, the artist takes a pre-designed metal piece and heats the metal. This is then placed on the area where the person wants to get the scarification done.

Some people claim that this is not a very painful, but to find out whether that is true or not, you would need to experience it yourself. This form of body modification is an alternate to tattoos. Eventually the area, which is scared, heels up and looks like a light pink or white colored scar. In comparison to the traditional tattoos, scarification seems to be more painful for many people. Once the area is healed, the results of scarification make it look very realistic. Apart from that, it also has a subtle look.

What scarification artists have to say about this process?


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Scarification artist that master the art of this process state that before they do a scarification on a person, they make it a point to ensure that person is genuine and serious to get it done. This is just not about tattoo in a name or a design for fun.

Initial care after scarification

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Once the person gets a scarification done, a lot of care has to be taken for at least 2 to 4 weeks. While having a bath or when in contact with water a person may experience discomfort and pain. This lasts until the wound heals completely. The aftercare of scarification depends on various factors.

The professional who does the job for you will guide you on how you have to take care of this scar until it heals completely. Presently this form of body modifications is a craze in Australia. Even across the world, this process is catching up fast.

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