Funky tattoo trends that will inspire your next tattoo design

Funky tattoo trends

If you have plans to get yourself inked this year, there are a few latest trends, which are worth considering. Every year, we have a variety of designs and styles in the Tattoo industry that feature as the highlight for the ongoing year. For the year 2017, the list not only gets bigger but even better. Here are some funky tattoo trends that you can get inspired from.

Water colored Tattoos

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While 2016 marked the official start of the water colored tattoo trend, however, it has also maintained its position in 2017. This kind of a tattoo has a bold styles and gaining a lot of popularity as more and more tattoo artists are specializing in this particular form of tattoo making.

Thin lined tattoos

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There was a time when the broad outlined tattoos were in demand. Today, thin lined tattoos are making the rounds on the list of tattoo trends. Not only are these tattoos beautiful to look at, but they also reflect that artistic ability of the artist. If you want to get yourself inked, you can still choose any design or shape and get it done in this style.

Pocket watch and compass tattoos

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As more innovative designs hit the market, this particular design really shows what creativity is all about. In this design, there is a compass within the external design of a pocket watch. The main highlight of this design in the North Star, which is located in the inner and center most circles.

Red Ink Tattoo

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For names, quotes, one-liners, mottos or any tattoo related to words, the Red Ink tattoo is the trend that is in today.  The love for the color and the looks of it makes a tattoo design very different and unique. If you plan to get this one done, make sure that it matches your skin tone because it can either look too etched into the skin or very bright and flattering.

Hyper- realism tattoos

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The almost real looking tattoos are perfect for large portrait sized ink tattoos. While the HD designs may require a professional to the job, even newbie’s and amateur tattoo artists can try their hands on hyperrealism tattoos. These kinds of tattoos require a lot of patience so you really need to make sure that you decide well before getting it done. This is because these tattoos can take time to complete in comparison to your regular ones.

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