Tattoos for women: Do they look sexy?

Tattoos in recent days are not only considered to be only the style statements, they are also looked as the sex appeal elements as far as women are concerned. Women believe that tattoos on the sensitive parts make them look sexy and help them attract the man they want. However, tattoo experts suggest that there should not be any barrier of man or women likes and dislikes while crafting a tattoo on your body. Though they do not deny the fact that men like tattoos on women body, they suggest women to follow few guidelines to look more appealing. However, the looks of the tattoos vary based on the body types of women. So the tattoo that looks sexy on a lady may not look impressive on the other. So you need expert consulting to choose a perfect design of the tattoo that would look sexy on you.

  • If you really want the tattoo look sexy on your body, you need to select the body part that looks the sexiest. You may select the seductive parts of the body such as the back, the curves, the beautiful skin and dimples to design tattoos on them. The lower back is the most preferable place to ink as it looks very alluring when a tiny tattoo design is crafted there.You can use the top and bottom of your neck to craft some nice small tattoos there as well.


  • The rib cage and the side chest of a woman are considered to be very attractive for men. You can use them as your canvas to create any tattoo preferably some flowers, Japanese cherry blossoms, waves or even a poem. These parts can be easily covered and made more private.
  • If you are having a tight stomach, then you should not give a second though to get a beautiful tiny tattoo there. The tattoo looks more appealing on the stomach.
  • While crafting a tattoo you should always remember that the tattoo should not be huge in size as it does not gain enough attention. If the tattoo is small in size and perfectly placed on the body of the women, it gets enough attention and it attracts a lot of eyes.


  • You can put the tattoo on your lower waist, heals, wrists and other places where the eyes of men usually go. The designs of tattoo can be used are flowers, stars, butterflies, motivational texts and so on.

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