Tattooing in Taiwan: Getting Better and Better

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Good news for all tattoo freaks out there in Taiwan. The skin art has made inroads into the heart of people and it’s getting better and better and hot too. Recently top tattoo artists from Taiwan gathered in Taipei for a tattoo convention and exhibition. Of course, the motive was to flaunt their dazzling inks. Contests and tattooing rocked the party and gave the glimpse of the art of tattooing in this part of the world.

Tsai Jong Da, the master tattooist says:

“I wouldn’t call myself an artist. I am still self-searching. I call myself a realizer; you tell me what you want, I’ll make it come true. In the past tattoos were associated with gangsters. But it’s changing. More women are having tattoos. In the past maybe only one in 10 of my customers were women; now it’s six or seven out of 10.”

Amy Chen, 22, one of the inking girls said:

“I wanted to put some beautiful thing on my body – while I’m still young. It’s not really painful, actually, if you like it. It’s like a butterfly genie… or girl fighter. It’s a very, very different tattoo. I didn’t see anyone else with one like this in Taiwan. It would probably have taken more than 60 hours to finish this in one sitting. But I had this tattoo drawn over two years: after school, I would go in the studio every day for a couple of hours.”

It was a dream come true for all lovers of the art. For some it’s a form of self-expression and for others self-empowerment.

Now what makes tattoos of Taiwan so special? Apparently it’s the impeccable portray of images inspired by Buddhist and Chinese mythology.

Via: BBC

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