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Which are the best tattoo parlors in Japan?

Hey people, I am on a vacation with my wife in Japan. My wife is poking to get her a tattoo done here. As I am new to this place so I am not aware of the places. So, tell me the names of best parlors in Japan? Thank you.

find me a tattoo parlor ?

hey pals i am unable to find a tattoo shop in Sri Lanka as i am new to this place and plus too i want to get this tattoo done fast as i have a party this week so so i want to amuse all my friends with my tattoo ? help me with some stores ?

Where could I find a tattoo shop in Rome?

Hey friends,
I am in deep trouble as I am willing to get a tattoo done but I am unable to find some suitable shop to get my job done. I live in Rome. So, please find me some good tattoo shops. Help!

Which ink should I go for a torso tattoo ?

I am planning to get a tattoo done next week and I am thinking if there are different types of ink for tattoo or it is just the regular one. If yes, then suggest me which one should I go for a torso tattoo. Please also suggest me some sites for tatt

Which is the best tattoo gallery in Columbia?

Hi there, which is the best tattoo gallery in Dayton, Columbia? I shifted from Canada to here and now I want to get my second tattoo. I do not know anything about this place; I would like you to brief me on the best place you can think of where I can get

Can someone share about high voltage tattoo parlor?

It would be really great if some of you out there would tell me what you think of the high voltage tattoo parlor? I was once told about this place, and a couple of my mates told me it is believed to be high-quality. It is somewhere in Hollywood right? Cou

Can anyone share about the La Ink tattoo shop?

Is La Ink very famous and if it is so then who are the famous people who go there? How much does it cost getting a tattoo at this place? The tattoo would be measured per inch right so you could tell me how much does it cost in case you have got a tattoo f

which part to go for getting christian tattoo ?

hey i love being an american as it is my native place. i am a pious follower of my beliefs and in all this passion i thought of getting Christian tattoo inscribed on my body. i know it sounds crazy but i decided my job and now its your turn to help me wit

Where can one get free tattoo pictures?

I am a college student and I have been assigned a project on different tattoo designs. But I dot know where to locate these designs. Can you please help me with where I can download these pictures for free?

How safe are the tattoos from Miami ink?

There was a close friend who wants to get tattoos made from Miami ink. I have heard about selecting the tattoo parlor according to the hygiene levels and the creativity of the artists. Does the Miami Ink tattoo parlor match up to the requirements? Who are

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