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10 Best places to get inked in Los Angeles

A tattoo defines a person. It is the image of what a person believes in, either currently or permanently. The art of tattoo has been into existence since time immemorial and have made its way through many cultures and traditions. Today there are thousands

Help me with some tattoo parlor in Argentina ?

I am on vacation with my spouse in Argentina and guys this place is awesome. My wife is demanding to get a fairy tattoo done on her neck but we are unable to locate any place. As we are new to this place so we are failing to get a parlor here. So please h

Where to look for designer tattoo designs ?

I am basically a club hopper as I pay frequent visits to different clubs in US and believe me I just love clubbing. Recently a thought striked my mind that I should go for a designer tattoo especially a club tattoo on my neck. Do you think such tattoos ar

Where can I find tattoo gallery online?

Hey crowd i need a little favor from you guys, as i am a tattoo maker by profession and i am planning to revive ancient symbols as a part of tattoo art? So guys can you suggest some good websites where i can find locate tattoo gallery ?

From where can I get an ugly tattoo?

Hey pals I am looking forward for an ugly tattoo suiting my outlook as people say I am ugly. Do you think I am ugly looking for this tattoo. Suggest me some cool designs as we people also have feelings and will to stay in fashion ? Thanx

Can somebody tell me about the stores with best tattoo prices?

I was wondering to get a new tattoo on my arm. This will be the seventh time that I will have that needle carving a design on my body. But here I want your help to find me good stores in New York City where I can find reasonable prices for my new tattoo.

5 Beginner tips to establish a tattoo studio

Establishing a new tattoo studio, indeed requires a lot of vigilance, skill and patience. Not only does one have to deal with a number of beginner dilemmas but one also has to ensure that his/her social, legal and personal requirements are adequately met.

How do I check out the miami ink tattoos?

I find the miami ink tattoos are absolutely amazing along with the show. I never miss a single episode of it. Are you aware of the authentic website that they have so that I can check out their latest designs. I want to upload some of my best tattoo creat

How do I connect with the la ink tattoos?

I want to contact and connect with the la ink. How do I do it? I am a tattoo artist myself and I want to share my work with Kat from the famous TV series la ink, how do I do it? How do I upload some of my tattooes for her to see? Where can I myself have

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