Tattoo Artist Profile: Larry Brogan

larry brogan 49Who Is Larry Brogan???

Larry Brogan is not a new name on this blog few days back I talked about some of his latest works. Larry Brogan is a multi award-winning tattoo artist who has been working in this field since fourteen years. He has operated the Tattoo City-Skin Art Studio in Lockport, Illinois since 1994. You can see him in most of the Tattoo Magazines.

In Tattoo City he is described

‘As an Ordained Minister, Larry is working to establish a Universal Church where people of color are all treated as family. Please come join the brother and sisterhood of the colorful elite. Come, all those who dare to bare flesh to needle and ink in an act of painful self expression. A badge to show the world that yes, I am not a number, I am my own person and by my choosing to mark my body, I set myself apart from all others. An ancient art with modern creativity and means, a tribal bonding with inner self and the world around us.’

You can visit Larry Brogan from – Noon until 10pm Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun unless out of town for convention.

works of larry brogan 49
The tattoos of Larry are somewhat different whether in design or in notion.

‘He is a very versatile and well-rounded artist, capable of portrait quality black and gray; micros fine detailed single needlework, bold crazy color bomb and everything in between. His astral reproductive skillfulness are right up there with the best in the business but what sets him apart is his ability to draw killer original designs. Lately, Larry has been enjoying a more painterly style of tattooing that can be seen in his newest color work and reproductions of the great Sci-fi art of Frank Frazetta…’


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