Diego Maradona’s Revolutionary Tattoos

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Former soccer superstar Diego Maradona is a very familiar name in the field of soccer and the most controversial one. He is regarded as the greatest footballer of all time. I did not choose him for his controversies or fame but for his tattoos, which are of my interest.

‘Maradona, who led Argentina to a World Cup in 1986, is also in love with dictator for life Fidel Castro: ‘I am proud to be a friend of Fidel, a friend of the greatest man in living history.’ Has tattoo of Castro on his leg, in addition to Chi Guevara tattoo on his arm.’

The tattoos have the pictures inked of Chi Guevara (arm) and Fidel Castro (leg) with their names signed. So, whom do you plan to tattoo yourself with???

Image Credit: Vanishingtattoo

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