Tattoo Artist of the Week: Frank Lee

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Here, we have Frank Lee of Derm FX, Canada, the man behind Misfit tattoo. For Frank, Tattooblog exemplifies “looks well put together” and today he’s here to add more colors to its sheen. He is a great tattoo artist and thinks himself to be a philosopher who does some song writing also. Scroll down to read his interview, which explains him better.

Disha: Let’s start with your first rendezvous with the art. When did it start and how?

Frank: I wanted my first tat when I was like 14-15years old… mom talked me out of it thinking I would get something stupid, waited till I was 23, not finding an artist who could impress me being an artist I decided to tackle it myself with a home made gun. My brother liked it so I set up a new gun and he was next…after a few dozen or so friends I tattooed my girlfriend’s butt, which made her cry and that made me quit tattooing for about four years (this was twenty years ago and I’m proud to say I never re-used needles or tubes).

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Disha: What fuels the fire within you to keep going on and on? What sense of fulfillment do you get after inking a design?

Frank: After four years, I was working as an airbrush artist in a headshop painting leather jackets, bikes…they had a tattoo artist working there and when he quit they asked me to take his place and when I tattooed a few tourist from Europe, I thought this is great… My art was roaming the world and I was hooked.

Disha: Is body art an obsession for you? How deep are you soaked into it?

Frank: I would say it’s always a learning process and you always try to improve yourself, and I can’t see myself doing anything else. Its not an obsession but a way of life.

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Disha: Frank, I came across your works when I saw the skull tattoo, inked by you on a guy’s face. I read that he wanted to ink his fully body. Can you throw some light on that guy and tattoo.

Frank: I would call him determined, it started when he came in to get his hands fixed. He liked what I did for him and he asked about doing his face I told him the only faces I tattoo are fixing stuff that look like crap. I never tattoo the first mark on a face… three weeks later he came in with two black eyes and a black nose and asked me if I could fix it for him… lol. Lately, I’ve done his neck and started his back. He doesn’t want anymore pics out till we’re done sorry!

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Disha: Could you please share any good or bad experience/request, you’ve encountered for a tattoo?

Frank: How about weird and creepy… about ten years ago a costumer walks in and asked me if I could tattoo his nipples in purple. So, I say sure but I can’t guarantee that it will hold because this was a first for me. I tattoo his nips and three week later he comes back to show the results, healed perfect! Great! So, he asked could you do them in blue. I said no coz blue wont hide purple and it will look blotchy. He says I don’t care I just like the feeling. I threw him out of the shop – had a really good laugh for that one. I can laugh about it now but that moment I pissed.

Disha: How have things changed regarding your inking over the years?

Frank: I like to challenge myself so, I keep trying to improve what I do and learn from other as much as I can.

Disha: For our readers information please tell us how much does a piece cost?

Frank: A tat can go for around $50 and up but if you want to call it a piece $300 and up some people spend thousands of dollars.

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Disha: How far would you like to take your body art?

Frank: Eventually I’d like to take time to travel and tattoo all over the planet.

Disha: Tell me frankly, what is there in tattoos, despite all the pain, that drive people and of course, you, crazy?

Frank: I think tattoo are part of human nature – a need to prove to ourselves that we can take it or something, tattoos have been with us since the dawn of time and will be here long after me and you are gone.

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(Frank’s cute pets)

Disha: In addition, who is Frank Lee apart from being a tattoo artist?

Frank: I’m also a musician I’ve been in a few bands over the years, but realized I wouldn’t be a rock star… so I kind of put it all aside. I still do some song writing for fun. I think of myself as a philosopher and hope to grow wiser with time and experience.

Thanks Frank for giving us your valuable time.

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