The most amazing tattoo ever!

chessboard facial tattoo 49

He was perhaps out and over, wondering what kind of a tattoo would best capture his passion – least realizing where the line between fanaticism and madness was drawn.

Face turned into a chessboard, quite amazing, but was he really a chess buff or was it something else that drove this guy into a moving chessboard. He has covered his body from head to toe with various tattoos.

When I first saw the image my instant reaction was…is it a face or a chessboard? This person seems to be a fanatic! Here are some more astonishing photos of his tattoos, just have a look:

chessboard facial tattoo 2 49

chessboard facial tattoo 1 49

chessboard facial tattoo 4 49

chessboard facial tattoo 5 49

This is a cry for further information about the tattoo artist behind this tattoo and this man.

Images Source: Humorsafari

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