Stephen Dorff celebrates his mother’s good health with a tattoo

stephen dorff
So, the bad guy of Blade has a gem of a heart and he is proving it by tattooing his mother’s name on his arm. Stephen Dorff, who used to date Pamela Anderson and Juliette Lewis, is marking his deep love for his mother, who recently fell ill and is now in the pink of her health.

Stephen Dorff, 32, says:

My mom recently had a health scare that really opened my eyes. I’ve got a tattoo of her name – NANCY – on my arm. People think it’s my girlfriend. But I just wanted to keep her close. But she’s a real strong lady and went back to school and became a psychologist. She wanted to understand about the mid-life crisis and now she’s a full on doctor. I was a handful as a kid. I gave her a lot of trouble and now I realise how lucky I was to have such a great mom.

Dorff is now looking forward to do positive roles in his forthcoming movies for the sake of his mother.


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