Man tattoos entire solar system on his stomach

solar system
You might look for reasons before inking the entire solar system on your body, but Ira Klotzko of Jersey City don’t have to. Ira has decided to commemorate his life-long love for astronomy by tattooing the solar system on his stomach.

Ira Klotzko, 38, said:

I was lying in bed one night and came up with the idea. I made a deal with myself — I must like it a year later and then I would get it.

Ira is the latest member of the generation ink where, according to a recent survey, around 24% of Americans between 18 and 50 are tattooed. We would request Ira to send his pictures as soon as his work is complete, until than start working on a design full of comets, planets, stars, black holes and, of course, aliens for you.


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