Simple body painting tips and ideas for beginners

body painting

Body painting is a form of art in which a person paints over their body. It is like making temporary tattoos on your body. If the painting is done on the face, it is called face painting. The idea behind body painting is using your body as a canvas for your thoughts and ideas. The paints used for body painting are non-allergic and non-toxic which makes them safe to come in contact with skin. Painting on yourself might seem difficult at first, but with practice, you will get better. If this is exciting enough for you, read some body painting ideas for beginners here.

body paintingBefore you proceed, however, there are few precautions that you must take before letting yourself or someone else paint on your body.

  • Body painting can take several hours to finish. This means you will have to stay still for a long period. Keep yourself well-fed and hydrated for the process.
  • Avoid using any makeup, oil, lotion, deodorant, and any sort of product before body painting.
  • Keep your hair away from your face if you are going to use paint on your face as well.
  • To cover your private parts, use underwear like thongs and tape.
  • Remember to take a bath to remove all the oil and dirt from your skin. It will make painting easier and less messy.
  • You can use a robe to cover yourself in case you have to leave in the middle of the painting.
  • If you feel tired being in a certain position for long, tell the painter to take a break.
  • If you think that the artist is crossing boundaries or if you are uncomfortable with something, don’t be afraid to speak up.

If you are interested in the body painting and wondering where to start, here are some body painting ideas for beginners.

Your favorite fictional character

One of the best and simple body paint ideas is painting your favorite fictional character. Go for animated characters, or superheroes, or anyone you might like.

Animal print

body painting

If you are clueless about body paint ideas, go for animal prints. From leopard to zebra print, pick an animal and get started. It is easy, yet fun.

Mythical characters

Explore your bold side by painting mythical gods and goddesses on your body. It is one of the greatest body paint ideas for beginners who like details and are not afraid to explore.


body painting

Simple body paint ideas include cosplays as well. A cosplay is imitating your favorite character by dressing up like them. You can paint your body as your favorite character and do your hair as well.

Use henna

Henna can also be a good choice for body painting. It is natural and stays for few days even after bathing. You can create interesting and beautiful patterns on your complete body using henna.


Abstract art

body paintingYou don’t have to confine yourself to any limits when it comes to body painting. You can explore your creative side by painting abstract patterns on your body. Get creative with patterns and strokes of your paintbrush and create your own masterpiece.


For women, floral painting can be a beautiful idea. It will look beautiful and eye-catching. Not to mention, it would be easy to paint flowers. This makes it a wonderful body paint idea for beginners.


body painting


Another popular idea in the list of best body painting ideas for beginners is camouflage. You can paint yourself in a manner that you camouflage in a particular setting. Be it carpet, wallpaper, or your surroundings, you can choose a setting that is best suited for you.

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