Robbie Williams has gotten a tattoo in tribute of his daughter

A doting father needs no excuse to show his love to his child. There are many ways in which a parent can express his love and affection for his little bundle of joy and singer Robbie Williams has chosen a creative and less chosen way to do the same. You all must have heard about tattoos and their growing popularity in today’s society. They have evolved with time and now they are used as a way to express some thought or love as in case of Robbie Williams. The latest news says the Robbie has recently got inked and the tattoo is to show his love for his seven month old daughter.


Robbie Williams is a big star and loves his daughter dearly and holds her responsible for all the good things around him along with this better half Ayda Field. The name of his little angel is Theodora Rose and he likes to call her Teddy. He got a tattoo of a little teddy bear that has capital T on his tummy. The tattoo looks cute and a perfect to say ‘I love you’ to a little angel.


Robbie in an interview talked about his new tattoo and the reason for him getting it in the first place. The singer told that he got inked on his left arm with a teddy bear as it will remind him of his daughter Theodora. Robbie Williams also said that he has changed since her arrival and one of the many good changes that came along with little Theodora is that he has finally given up the injurious habit of smoking. The little girl probably has no idea of the good things and changes she has brought with her in her daddy’s life.


The singer has also composed a song about his little daughter titled “Go gentle” but he has not finalized it yet. Robbie is really in love with his little angel but Theodora does not seem to have liked the song daddy wrote for her as she threw up when he sung a few lines before her. Well it only means that Robbie will have to work a lot harder to impress his little angel! The tattoo is only en expression of a doting father to let his daughter know about the affection he feels for her in his heart.

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