Ripped Skin’s In – Spiderman Chest Tattoo

spiderman tattoo 2SHDv 16269
It takes an expert hand to make a ripped skin tattoo look believable, and one must acknowledge that this one here is simply fantabulous! Whoever has inked it, deserves a thunderous applause undoubtedly. By mingling the tattoo with the actual skin color, and putting in the necessary shades, the artist has managed to produce a superb realistic effect. The Spiderman web within gives a hint as to the man’s fascination with this fantasy-hero, but the idea of juxtaposing it with a ripped skin is cool enough! Indeed, some may mistake it for a photoshop creation, but the pimples and warts on the man’s chest are visible under close scrutiny, confirming that its as real as any other tattoo. Ripped skin rules!

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Image Courtesy:
Via: The Great Geek Manual

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