Angelina’s arm-tattoo adds Vivienne and Knox to the list

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Angelina jolie appeared hot and sexy as usual, on the New York premiere of her new flick Changeling. But what we got new this time is her latest arm-tattoo. Oops! It’s not entirely new, but, of course, the updated version of the existing one. Birthplace longitude and latitude of the newborn twins are added to her body art that used to enlist only four kiddos. Well, parents’ tattoo revealing names, faces, and toys of the kids are vogue of the day and Angelina Jolie is not far behind the trend. But she has own style of adding the geographical locations instead of names. (I must remind you that Vivienne and Knox- the million-dollar twin babies- joined the Brangelina brood last July.) This arm-tattoo reveals her love and affection for her sweet little babies. I feel she’s a perfect mother!

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Source: chriscapone

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