Rihanna and her new tattoos

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The sexy Rihanna has proved her fashion again. Yeah! She got herself two tattoos. After the success of “Umbrella”, Rihanna was on the run almost all the time doing shows, showing up for events. She was all over New York City. Her tattoos are really cute and at really nice places. One is on her index finger, which says “shhh” and the other is on her left shoulder “XI-IV-LXXXVI” (11-4-1986), and its not her birthday!

Rihanna wore a single outfit to Cartier, Empire State Building lighting and even when she sat down in Virgin Megastore. The young talent is surely going places and its not only because of her style, but her talent too. Here is wishing the umbrella girl all the very best.
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Via: Concreteloop

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