Lizard on the foot!

tatoo 9C57k 17756
“A Lizard!!! Oh My God! A Lizard!” I think lizards are one of the most disgusted creatures on Earth! Well, I hope this tattoo changes that. Look at it, I love the look of it. Its classy and whacky all at the same time. Well, I had gone to my tattoo artist few years back and had told him that I wanted a lizard on my back. He had refused saying lizards are not things to be tattooed. He had offered me eagles, dolphins and even butterflies. The tattoo never worked out. Now, I am going to show him this. I hope he changes his mind.

The tattoo needs a little colour for the drama to unfold, but nevertheless, I am looking at it as a piece of art already. By the end of it, I hope it looks like a real lizard crawling its way up. I am definitely inspired. What a work!

Via: seksi-tattoosgallery

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