Remove tattoos sitting at home

Tattoos can now be removed in four easy steps. It is the oldest and the most natural way of removing a tattoo, be it permanent or temporary. The salabrasion method uses the simplest and easiest available ingredients for this purpose. This is a technique in which salt or a salt solution is used to abrade the skin. The major constituents include salt and water. Like any other situation, this method also has its negative side. This method may lead to drying up the skin and loosening its moisture levels. The skin may become very harsh and tough in the tattoo removed area alone. These steps are:

1: The first step is to shave the tattooed area. This removes the top layer of the tattoo, which will wither off once you shave it, and then wash it with an anti-bacterial soap. The anti-bacterial soap will help reduce infection, if any, due to the removal of tattoo.

2: Take a gauze-sponge; it will be available at any medical store. Moisten the gauze sponge in a manner that it is neither dripping wet nor half-dry. Take a separate bowl full of table salt. Dip the wet gauze into the bowl of table salt. The salt crystals will slowly start dissolving into the gauze. Continue this process until the gauze reaches its saturation limit.

3: As soon as your gauze is ready, keep rubbing the tattooed area with the salt-dissolved gauze until you reach a point where the area becomes deep red in color. The more pressure on it, the better it will be. This reddening process will take at least half hour to three quarters of an hour. Once you achieve that state, leave the reddened area to dry and relax. Repeat this if necessary or when you feel that the salt has dried up. The salt is a natural antibiotic, and will cause burning sensation to the wound. Apply wet tissue if the burning is unbearable, else avoid it.

4: Apply antibiotic cream or medicine on the dry area which will be blood red by now. In case of too much pain, apply sterile bandage or tape, a first aid sterile gauze to the reddened area. This will help the wound to soften and burning sensation should reduce within three days of this procedure, along with the reddening of the area. Your tattoo is successfully removed and it is a cheap method instead of spending thousands in laser treatment.


In case you want extra protection against infection possibilities, consult your doctor and request for a prescription for antibacterial emulsions. These emulsions have stronger antibacterial properties than the regular antibacterial soaps. Consult your doctor if the pain increases, or if the treated area becomes red after three days.

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